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Checks if the string Value contains a valid numeric value and returns True if so or False if not. If AllowFloat is true then Value may contain a floating point number, otherwise it must be an integer. If TrimWhiteSpace is True any white space surrounding Value is trimmed before testing.

function IsNumeric(Value: string; const AllowFloat: Boolean;
  const TrimWhiteSpace: Boolean = True): Boolean;
  ValueInt: Int64;      // dummy integer value
  ValueFloat: Extended; // dummy float value
  if TrimWhiteSpace then
    Value := SysUtils.Trim(Value);
  // Check for valid integer
  Result := SysUtils.TryStrToInt64(Value, ValueInt);
  if not Result and AllowFloat then
    // Wasn't valid as integer, try float
    Result := SysUtils.TryStrToFloat(Value, ValueFloat);

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