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Shortens the given text if necessary to fit within MaxWidth pixels on the given canvas. If AsPath is True the text is shortened path-wise by inserting an ellipsis in the text body, otherwise it is trunctated and an ellipsis is appended.

function EllipsifyText(const AsPath: Boolean; const Text: string;
  const Canvas: Graphics.TCanvas; const MaxWidth: Integer ): string;
  TempPChar: PChar; // temp buffer to hold text
  TempRect: TRect;  // temp rectangle hold max width of text
  Params: UINT;     // flags passed to DrawTextEx API function
  // Alocate mem for PChar
  GetMem(TempPChar, (Length(Text) + 1) * SizeOf(Char));
    // Copy Text into PChar
    TempPChar := SysUtils.StrPCopy(TempPChar, Text);
    // Create Rectangle to Store PChar
    TempRect := Classes.Rect(0, 0, MaxWidth, High(Integer));
    // Set Params depending wether it's a path or not
    if AsPath then
      Params := Windows.DT_PATH_ELLIPSIS
      Params := Windows.DT_END_ELLIPSIS;
    // Tell it to Modify the PChar, and do not draw to the canvas
    Params := Params + Windows.DT_MODIFYSTRING + Windows.DT_CALCRECT;
    // Ellipsify the string based on availble space to draw in
    Windows.DrawTextEx(Canvas.Handle, TempPChar, -1, TempRect, Params, nil);
    // Copy the modified PChar into the result
    Result := SysUtils.StrPas(TempPChar);
    // Free Memory from PChar
    FreeMem(TempPChar, (Length(Text) + 1) * SizeOf(Char));

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