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SHIL_* Constants

Constants that can be passed as flags to specify the required image type in calls to the SysImageListHandleEx routine.

  SHIL_LARGE = $00;       // Image size 32x32px unless user specifies large
                          // icons when size is 48x48 px.
  SHIL_SMALL = $01;       // Image size 16x16px, but can be customized by user.
  SHIL_EXTRALARGE = $02;  // Shell standard extra-large icon size. Typically
                          // 48x48, but can be customized by the user.
  SHIL_SYSSMALL = $03;    // Image size as returned from GetSystemMetrics called
                          // with SM_CXSMICON and SM_CYSMICON.
  SHIL_JUMBO = $04;       // Windows Vista and later. Image size normally
                          // 256x256px.

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